Thursday 25 September 2003


Today, I finally plucked up the courage to remove Netscape 4.79 from my Windows XP Partition.

The uninstallation wasn't clean so I had to run an old version of Registry Cleaner in order to remove the HKLM entries as well as manually delving into the registry itself and removing the HKCU entries for each user account.

Next step was Windows Explorer; again I had to remove the Application Data entries for each user account as well as remove the debris from the Program Files folder

However, Netscape was kind enough to remove itself from my Start Up Menu.

What does all this mean to you as a Netscape 4.x user? It means that I will code future pages using structured Mark Up and I will hide my Stylesheets from you.

If you are a Netscape 4.x user, you should notice that this page is still structured without the stylesheet.