Friday 10 October 2003

Half Measures

I have an old Pioneer DV-515 DVD Player which supports Last Memo - a feature which memorizes the place where I stopped watching a Disc. It's a feature I use a lot.

This week, I have started Once Upon a Time in the West, stopped near the half way mark, started Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and stopped at the half way mark.

Now I am about to start Matrix Reloaded and I hope this time, that I see it through to the end! (I really must learn to watch either of my Lord of the Rings disc in one sitting and on this note, I notice that not all of my TNG and DS9 discs support the "Last Memo" feature).

What has all this got to do with this entry?

Following on from my entry on Mastering Perl, I have lately been looking closely at Python.

Simon recommended it over Perl. Then I configured EditPlus to run Python on the off chance that I might actually install it. Then I found Mark Pilgrim's Dive Into Python.

It doesn't help that I usually have an idea what a Python Script is on about which is more that I can say for Perl at the moment - I have to read a Perl Script out aloud before I can get it and a Perl Snippet consisting of 10 characters can run into a few sentences.

Unfortunately, my Web Host doesn't appear to support Python so it is on the back burner for the time being.

More importantly, diving into Perl shouldn't be done in half measures and that's what this entry is about.