Monday 27 October 2003

Longhorn Bloggers

Via Robert Scoble: In response to the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, a number of blogs seem to have been set up:

One of them even has a bloggers Rules of Engagement.

ZdNet reports that "(Microsoft) has been trying to build excitement in the developer community by setting up several Web logs, or blogs, that have been tracking the upcoming event, which is sold out."

Meanwhile, Paul Thurrot shows off his collection of Longhorn Screenshots (via techno weenie), Slashdot offers scathing commentaries on Longhorn and in an (unrelated to Longhorn) response to the debacle between Microsoft and the Open Source Community, declares "(Windows) is a huge embarassment that with many billions of dollars, dozens of years, and billions of man-hours, this is the best the human species can produce."

Let's hope Longhorn does not turn out like its predecessors.

Update: Feedster has a more complete list of PDC Bloggers. Via Robert Scoble.