Monday 06 October 2003

Mastering Perl

Seven months ago, I discovered Perl while playing with Windows Grep.

I needed a tool to help organise my collection of Microsoft Knowledge base links (around 10,000 at the last count) and Windows Grep had a limited Regular Expression Engine as I soon found out.

Discovering Perl was a Godsend and after downloading it from Active State, I ordered the O'Reilly books: Programming Perl, Perl Cookbook and Mastering Regular Expressions. I also ordered Komodo Personal Edition and was ready to begin my journey into the World of Perl.

A few weeks later, I gave it up and those three books have been staring at me from my bookshelf reminding me of the aborted journey I once took into their world.

Today, my need for a programming language with strong Regular Expressions is as great as ever and once again, I have settled on Perl.

Except that this time, I am going to dip into it on a needs basis; my first challenge would be understand the scraping techniques listed in Google Hacks.

I hope this will give me the confidence to venture further into Perl.