Tuesday 25 November 2003

Internet Explorer System Compromise Vulnerabilities

Secunia reports that multiple vulnerabilities have been identified in Internet Explorer, which in combination can be exploited to compromise a user's system. Secunia has accessed this threat level as 4 because there are exploits in the wild.

This new vulnerability is also linked to Microsoft Internet Explorer Multiple Vulnerabilities reported by Secunia in September 2003 and which does not appear to be patched to date and once again, there are exploits in the wild.

You are advised to disable Active Scripting or use another browser.

May I therefore recommend Opera, Mozilla or Firebird to Windows users? If you must use Netscape, there is a streamlined version available from Silly Dog.

Question: In line with Microsoft's decision to patch monthly on every second Tuesday of the month, are we going to wait until December 09 2003 for a patch? (This was going to be a rant but my focus is needed elsewhere).


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