Tuesday 16 December 2003

Do Not Download This Patch

Openwares has released an Internet Explorer Patch for the URL Spoofing Vulnerability which is located at http://security.openwares.org/, however, I notice that the design of the webpage is identical to Secunia's design and I wonder if this site is not a spoof itself.

Two users over at grc.security.software have downloaded the file, one user had some files flagged by Adaware while the other user had to pick off a run key from his Registry.

You decide.

Meanwhile in other security related news, Microsoft advises protecting new PCs before connecting to the Internet by turning on the Internet Connection Firewall and in response to the URL Spoofing Vulnerability, Microsoft issues steps to avoid getting tricked by spoof websites.

There is also a new Security Newsletter from Microsoft as well as details of changes to functionality in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2.

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