Thursday 04 December 2003

Google and the Missing Search Terms - One Lady's Story

A lady appeared on BBC Working Lunch today bemoaning the fate of her website which has disappeared from Google top 100 as a result of the Florida Update.

Apparently, she used to be in the top spot on Google for the search term "Coconut oil".

I don't watch the BBC Working Lunch and even if I did, I would have missed today's edition because I was busy crunching numbers in my ACCA Exams but based on the journalism on display on the web page covering the programme, I am glad I didn't.

I think someone forgot to tell the lady that you cannot depend on a search engine as your main income stream and this little bit of advice was missing on the BBC write-up.

In any case, the lady may wish to point her customers to Scroogle, her website (coconut-connections) is number three for the search term "coconut oil" and whilst I do not wish to hit her while she's down, why hasn't anybody adviced her on her mark up?

The quality of the BBC reporting I saw on display reminds me of when Anne Robinson used to front the BBC Watchdog.