Wednesday 31 December 2003

Windows XP Security Console Tool

Via The Network Security Blog: Doug Knox's Windows XP Security Console Tool. To quote from Doug Knox:

When you're outside of a domain environment, XP has some features missing. XP Home leaves you completely without the Group Policy Editor, while XP Pro lacks the ability to use the Group Policy Editor to selectively apply policies to specific users.

Well, that's about to change.

Doug's Windows XP Security Console allows you to assign various restrictions to specific users, whether you're running XP Pro or XP Home.

Useful if you are scared of hacking the registry yourself.

Though I haven't met Doug Knox in person, he is an MVP who is quite active in the Windows XP Newsgroups and has posted over 2,400 responses in one month. I can vouch for his professionalism but the usual software caveat apply.

(Note: I used to be active in the Windows XP Groups but quickly gave up after answering the same questions over and over - it requires a certain discipline of which I am obviously lacking).