Sunday 18 January 2004

Summary Vs Full Content Feeds

This snippet of an email conversation between Paul Scrivens and Adam Kalsey on Summary Vs Full Content Feeds caught my eye today probably because Adam managed to articulate my own thoughts on this issue:

They're still reading the words. There's nothing else in or around the entry that they need to see. Or even that you need them to see.

The point behind Whitespace is to get your thoughts out there and to make your name known. Not to have people see the design of the page that the text is in. The design is secondary to the text. RSS is the ultimate in minimalist design: it reduces the product to it's barest form.

My RSS reader these days is FeedDemon; I am currently subscribed to 411 feeds spanning 22 groups1 and my pet peeve is that most of these feeds are either just summaries or have no description so I have to open a browser to read the content. This can be annoying on days like today when I have to catch up on four days worth of RSS feeds.

I myself have been guilty of not providing full content feeds but I have stopped this practice because I now realise how annoying it can be.


1This is why I don't have a blogroll.