Tuesday 20 January 2004

News from the Borg Cube

This is just a collection of news items by and concerning Microsoft:

Via ActiveWin: Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer v1.2 has been released; I stopped using this tool about a year ago because though it was designed to alert Windows users to potential security misconfigurations, it was buggy to use and frequently flagged already installed patches as uninstalled but I might give it another look this time around.

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Via ActiveWin and Dana Epp: Microsoft has released an excel spreadsheet with the complete breakdown of the Group Policy settings of the Administrative Template (.adm) for Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Via ActiveWin:

Safari developer David Hyatt has attacked Internet Explorer for letting website developers get away with writing 'malformed code' and consequently holding back the development of Apple's browser. In his weblog Hyatt explains that most of the reports he receives about 'bugs in Safari' are 'essentially differences in error handling and error recovery between Safari and the dominant Web browser, WinIE'.

Update: This was quoted on ActiveWin via PC Pro but David Hyatt was discussing XML, not HTML on his blog though he did mention IE's error correction mechanism.

Via ActiveWin: How an Intern Invented Windows Media Player

Galen Hunt spent his 1995 school vacation working. It wasn't the usual student job, such as flipping burgers or canning tuna. For his summer job, Hunt worked at Microsoft and invented the first Microsoft prototype for streaming media over the Internet.

And finally, Microsoft admits taking MikeRoweSoft too seriously. I notice that Google asked me if I meant Microsoft when I tried to search on MikeRoweSoft; I wonder how long this will last.

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