Saturday 20 March 2004

Yahoo! Web Rank

The battle for the Search Engines continues with Yahoo! Web Rank which is only available via the Yahoo! Companion Toolbar - assuming you knew they had one because it is only supported by Internet Explorer.

According to Yahoo!:

Yahoo! Web Rank is the name that Yahoo! has given to a technical measurement of a particular URL's popularity. If you choose to enable the Yahoo! Web Rank feature on the Yahoo! Companion Toolbar, a toolbar icon will display the Yahoo! Web Rank value of each URL that you visit. The Yahoo! Web Rank values range from 1 to 10. This feature is currently in Beta release.

Not to be confused with Google's PageRank then(!)

Meanwhile, Slashdot reports that the Microsoft will unveil a new search engine for its MSN Search service in July. This is another step in their plan to challenge Google's pole position as the top search engine.

It should be interesting to see what Google makes of these developments.

via Andy Baio's links