Tuesday 19 October 2004

CWShredder Acquired

Looks like Merijn has sold his baby to an anti-spyware outfit called InterMute.

From the PR blurb:

InterMute, Inc., a leading developer of Internet security and content filtering solutions, is announcing the acquisition of CWShredder, widely regarded as the only software to effectively detect and remove CoolWebSearch, one of the most treacherous spyware programs infecting personal computers today. CWShredder, developed in the Netherlands by Merjin Bellekom, will be incorporated into InterMute's SpySubtract PRO anti-spyware solution.

CoolWebSearch is one of the bad boys of spyware, a complicated and constantly morphing piece of malware that is able to mutate into adaptations more difficult to remove than previous versions whenever users try to uninstall it.

InterMute has improved CWShredder, introducing a new version of this popular freeware tool that is more powerful than any prior release, combating new variants of the CoolWebSearch browser hijacker.

Except that I have never heard of SpySubtract and I suspect they are capitalizing on the good name of CWShredder to sell their product. (It's been known to happen, just think about Peter Norton's Utilities, Partition Magic, Zone Alarm etc - though in this case, Merijn did abandon development of the software).

InterMute believe they have a more powerful version of CWShredder but for the time being, I will attribute that claim to the Marketing Department and not the programmers. From my (admittedly limited) knowledge of CoolWebSearch, I think it is a bit too premature for InterMute to make that kind of statement.

CWShredder 2.0 is available to download and is currently free. It is also available as part of SpySubtract as the strongest defense against Spyware threats. (Note: Internet Explorer users, that last phrase was a quote, you may wish to google for more information).

I have added a feed based on the search term "or coolwebsearch or cwshredder" to my bloglines account because I prefer to adopt a wait and see approach before recommending this software.

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