Saturday 30 October 2004

Are URLs for Microsoft Knowledge Base articles going cruft-free?

I haven't been able to find an article from Microsoft or a weblog entry announcing this but I noticed when playing around with the Microsoft Knowledge Base that some of the Knowledge Base URLs were cruft-free (well, as cruft-free as you will get with Microsoft since the kb number which is obviously the unique id for each kb article in the database is not replaced with the description of the article).

For example, you can now get to MS KB 824344 by typing instead of

A bit of background history on the MS Knowledge Base URLs (my version of history anyway):

Back when I started searching the MS Knowledge Base Articles, to get to MS KB Article 824344, you had to type in:

I like the new cruft-free versions, they are short and memorable and a step in the right direction though they are not yet hackable: (you can get to but not to

I know purists may argue that the number should also be replaced with the article description which could lead to something like but I notice that Microsoft sometimes changes titles of articles in order to make them more descriptive (every six months or so by my observation) so the numbers are the best solution in my opinion.

I just wish I could find some sort of article or press release announcing this.

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