Monday 09 February 2004

Firefox 0.8

A new version of Firebird is out but there has been a name change and it is now called Firefox. I don't really like the name but Jon Hick's logo more than makes up for it.

I managed to grab a copy for myself at work this morning but it took me 2 hours to download a 6mb file using a 100mbps connection because the Mozilla Servers are currently clogged so you may have to wait a bit in order to grab your own copy.

I have been playing with it at work and I notice that creating shortcuts to Google Search, Google Groups Search, MS Knowledge Base Search etc involves one less step than it did under Firebird 0.7: you can now set the "keyword" and "Description" on the "Add Bookmark" Form rather than right-clicking the bookmark and selecting "Properties" as it was under Firebird 0.7

Other new features added to Firefox can be found on the Release Notes Page.

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